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Phosphor® Quality

Another Vision of Quality to enter industry 4.0.

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  • Automating defects detection on your production/packaging line
  • Managing the complexity of defects detection
  • Increasing pace and reliability of your quality control
  • Relieving your operators by freeing them from repetitive tasks
  • Improving your productivity
  • Reducing your costs
Phosphor® Quality, la solution clé en main de contrôle qualité vision par IA - AnotherBrain


PHOSPHOR® Quality, the intelligent vision system which supports you in your Quality Control automation.

PHOSPHOR® Quality is an “user-friendly” vision quality control solution, embedding innovative AI algorithms to automate the detection of defects in production methods in the Industrial sector.


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    Bénéfices Phosphor® Quality : Mobile et flexible - AnotherBrain
    Movable and flexible, fits each product
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    Bénéfices Phosphor® Quality : solution sur-mesure - AnotherBrain
    Able to explain the algorithm’s decisions
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    Bénéfices Phosphor® Quality : pensée et orientée utilisateurs - AnotherBrain
    Simple & intuitive interface, user-friendly and user-oriented
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    Bénéfices Phosphor® Quality : Interfaçable - AnotherBrain
    Ready to use & operational on the 1st day of production
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    Bénéfices Phosphor® Quality : sans défauthèque exhaustive - AnotherBrain
    Semi-autonomous & with continuous learning
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    Bénéfices Phosphor® Quality : frugale en données - AnotherBrain
    No need of Big Data and runs locally (without cloud)

How does it work?



Use Cases & Applications

To overcome productivity problems manufacturers experienced due to visual quality control, AnotherBrain has developed a solution embedding AI algorithms that can imitate an operator’s thinking methods.
Our solution allows to address all types of defects on all types of products.

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