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Designer of a new generation AI

A new kind of AI to bring real augmented intelligence for people and companies.

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Our vision

AnotherBrain creates Organic AITM. It's a new kind of artificial intelligence inspired from how the human brain works which is much more powerful that already existing AI technologies. It represents a new generation of AI able to increase the range of applications.

Organic AITM is self-learning, it doesn't require big data for training, is very frugal in energy and it can explain its decisions, therefore truly human-friendly.

Kindness and responsibility are key values for our teams which allow them to keep up with the challenges of AI today and tomorrow.

Nos technologies

Organic AITM

Au lieu de considérer le cerveau humain à un niveau microscopique/neuronal comme dans le deep learning (reposant sur des réseaux de neurones), l’approche Organic AITM s’inspire du fonctionnement du cerveau à une échelle plus macroscopique où de grandes populations neuronales ont une fonction dédiée. Ex : détection d’orientation et de courbure.

Adaptée à toutes les modalités de perception 
Notre technologie s'adapte à toutes les perceptions sensorielles et peut donc traiter aussi bien la vision que l'odeur, le son... Comme le fait le cortex.

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Our approach

Singularity is embedded in our DNA.

Thanks to our unique approach, we develop a new kind of artificial intelligence that goes beyond current mainstream AI.

We believe in nature power and human potential to build AI of tomorrow.

We help many firms to enter industry 4.0 and modernize their manufacturing and production process with PHOSPHOR® Quality, our quality control solution.

We partner with many institutions to develop our technology which will lead the AI industry in the future.

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Our investors

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