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Organic AI

Inspired by Nature. Powered by Human.

Meet the Next-Gen AI

AnotherBrain develops a new generation of artificial intelligence: Organic AITM. It is bio-inspired and close to how cortex works. Our technology is frugal in energy and data, it learns autonomously, and can explain its decisions. Embedded on an ASIC chip, this human-friendly technology works in real time without using the cloud and offers new possibilities for industries such as Supply Chain/Manufacturing, Automotive, Defense or IoT.

Our goal is to bring a true (or so called “general”) intelligence for people and companies that will be able to adapt and react appropriately in unexpected situations. With this Organic AITM, we hope to make life easier for people, but also to respond to the major societal stakes (healthcare, defense, environment, security) and to expand the field of possibilities for humankind.

“To create a real intelligence, we need to be inspired by natural intelligences”

Intrinsically efficient as the cortex

Instead of considering the human brain at a microscopic/neuron-level as in deep learning, we replicate the brain’s behavior at a more macroscopic scale where large neuronal populations have a dedicated function like the perception of motion or curvature.

Generic to all sensing modalities 

Our technology is generic to all sensory perceptions and can thus treat vision, smell or sound in the same way, just like the cortex does.

IA auto-apprenante - AnotherBrain


Unsupervised learning

Like a child, the technology extracts the underlying laws and patterns from its environment and is able to use them to perform high-level tasks.

Incremental learning

For each new task, instead of starting from scratch Organic AI draws links from previous learning and builds an ever-growing knowledge of the world, without jeopardizing previous behaviors.

Ultra low data

Our technology requires very little data to perform its tasks. However that does not prevent it from being able to handle large amounts of data.

Ultra low energy

Double energy efficiency: our models' efficient training on limited data samples reduces the need for computing power. Our algorithms are also considerably less computationally heavy than deep learning technologies.

Ultra low cost

Integrated on a single chip, our technology can easily be installed on all types of devices, allowing you to build ultra-low-cost AI solutions. 

Collaboration Homme-Machine - AnotherBrain


Explainable by design

Unlike deep learning’s “black box” AI solutions taking decisions that cannot be tracked or explained, our technology gives the possibility to audit its processes and to know how and why. We believe in transparent algorithms. As an aside, the technology is easily certifiable where it matters.

Protecting privacy by design

Our GDPR-compliant AI technology can be run and updated locally and in real-time. It does not need connections to any cloud platform to feed and/or control it. It prevents "Big Brother” solutions and potential hacking through Internet connections.


Application Organic AITM : automobile - AnotherBrain


Application Organic AITM : industrie - AnotherBrain


Application Organic AITM : IoT - AnotherBrain


Application Organic AITM : santé - AnotherBrain


Bien de consommation : use case poêle de cuisson - AnotherBrain

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