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Our vision

Deep Learning is a very powerful kind of artificial intelligence to categorize elements, but it needs large amounts of data usually annotated. It also consumes a lot of energy and has a very high carbon footprint. Finally, it produces non-explainable results and does not exhibit real intelligence.

To create this real intelligence, we need to be inspired by natural intelligences, for example the intelligence in humans and social insects like bees, ants and termites.

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Our missions

Our goal is to bring a real intelligence for people and companies that can adapt to unexpected situations and react appropriately.
To do so, we develop a new kind of artificial intelligence using a unique approach.

Bio-inspired and embedded on an ASIC chip, our technology learns autonomously, can explain its decisions, work without big data, without cloud and in real time while consuming little energy.

Human-friendly, it offers new possibilities for such markets as Industry, Automotive, Defense or IoT. With this Organic AITM, our ultimate ambition is to expand the field of possibilities for mankind.

Meanwhile, we bring our first industrial automation application PHOSPHOR® Quality, which allows to incorporate intelligent defects detection in Industry 4.0 supply chain methods.

This quality control solution provides a less disruptive but optimized artificial intelligence with the same advantages of frugality in data & energy and explicability.

Our production line inspection solution allows manufacturers to thrive towards new levels of automation and efficiency in their factories.

Our story

Our story starts with a very specific goal to build amazing humanoid robots with a real intelligence to widen the range of possibilities for humanity.

With that vision in mind, Bruno Maisonnier founded the company Aldebaran Robotics in 2005, which quickly became the world leader in humanoid robotics with the creation of NAO, Romeo and Pepper.

However, these robots still lacked a real intelligence. This gave Bruno Maisonnier a new challenge and brought him to create AnotherBrain in 2017, a French company that aims at creating a new kind of artificial intelligence using a unique bio-inspired approach.

Our team

AnotherBrain’s team is composed of sixty experts motivated by a mutual idea of developing a real intelligence.
Everyone in the company embodies and supports our core values of responsibility and benevolence.

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