• Artificial Intelligence Chips

    We create powerful and biologically inspired chips with integrated Artificial Intelligence, offering you the full potential of autonomous learning (unsupervised).

  • Provide intelligence to objects

    Connected to our chip, the sensors become intelligents by finding significant structures in the incoming raw data flow, and will learn them in real time and unsupervised. The biomimetic approach gives us nature’s efficiency and genericity: it works with any type of sensor (camera, sound, 3D, sonar), and requires less than one Watt of power.

Main areas of application

Embedded AI

Our chipsets allow any type of sensor to understand its environment and learn from it, in an autonomous and unsupervised manner.

This will boost most of our markets such as loT, robotics, defense and autonomous cars.

Our markets

  • Intelligent Cars: Driving assistance for autonomous vehicles are based on the perception of what is happening. We open new paths for them.
  • Industrial Robotics for Handling or Moving: The efficiency and robustness of perception increase the reliability of industrial automation.
  • Drones, IoT, Autonomous Robots, Personalized Medicine, Defense: We change the paradigm by offering an environmental understanding

Current events

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    La start-up fondée par le père des robots NAO et Pepper veut créer des puces dotées d'une nouvelle génération d'intelligence artificielle...

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  • AnotherBrain lève 10 M€ pour son lancement

    AnotherBrain, fondée par Bruno Maisonnier, père de NAO et Pepper, lève 10M€ en amorçage pour créer un leader de l’Intelligence Artificielle

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  • Watch Bruno Maisonnier on BFM Business TV

    Bruno Maisonnier, President and founder of AnotherBRain, was invited on BFM Business set this morning (12/18/17)

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