AnotherBrain boosts aesthetic defects detection through its patented AI, Blue Phosphor®.

Blue Phosphor® ushers in a new era of quality control, giving manufacturers back command of their quality departments thanks to AI that is frugal, quick to train and easy to implement on any production line. Blue Phosphor® benefits from 7 years of R&D to achieve an operational model that enables the automation of tedious tasks and the emergence of the augmented operator.
Blue Phosphor - Nouveau produit AnotherBrain

Paris, April 22, 2024 - AnotherBrain, the inventor of Organic AI, announces the availability of Blue Phosphor®, a unique quality control solution based on AI developed by AnotherBrain over the last 7 years to help manufacturers from luxury goods to pharmaceuticals and even the automotive industry to eliminate aesthetic defects from their products. Organic AI's distinctive feature is that it draws its inspiration from the functioning of the cortical column and from nature (e.g. social insects), enabling it to drastically reduce the resources required to operate it.

Learning from a correct piece

The major advantage of Blue Phosphor® is its ability to analyze and build a customized solution based on parts validated by the company's quality department and then quickly put it into operation.

"It's in the DNA of our solution to be able to avoid the need for a defect library or heavy database, which increase AI learning times and, above all, increase its computing power requirements... With Blue Phosphor®, we start from one or more validated pieces and initiate automation to allow the operator to focus on value-added tasks," explains Anne-Sophie Madoire-Rouzaud, COO of AnotherBrain.

Working locally to avoid security risks

Another key point for manufacturers is to be guaranteed that their production line will not be hacked or taken hostage via the cloud or the Internet. Blue Phosphor® is one of the new AI generation usages developed by AnotherBrain, and as part of the automation of quality control, it doesn't need to be connected.

"For years, we've been hearing about the cloud all the time, but in the industrial field, connecting with the outside of the production chain remains a risk that affects production tools. Blue Phosphor® is in perfect alignment with this expectation of our customers because it does not seek additional power in the cloud and is compatible with most sensors and robots on the market," adds Anne-Sophie Madoire-Rouzaud, COO of AnotherBrain.

Going further for truly controlled quality

Powered by AnotherBrain's innovative artificial intelligence, Blue Phosphor® is easy to use and adaptable to various acquisition systems. This technology can detect any type of defect, regardless of its size. Its two main applications are:

  • Vision, which ensures real-time quality on the production line, including:

    • Capture: Operators capture images directly under the production camera and classify them as OK or KO, depending on their compliance. This creates the database to train AI models.

    • Inspect: Once the AI model is trained, this tab allows real-time part inspections, providing instant quality assessment based on previous learning.

  • Pilot, which supervises production and enhances control reliability by:

    • Managing data: After the capture phase by Vision, Pilot allows managers, from their offices, to revalidate the database, ensuring that OK/KO classifications are correct and representative of their quality standards.

    • Training models: Quality managers can then independently train their AI models on their specific cases. 

    • Managing thresholds: Through an intuitive interface, managers can adjust the tolerance criteria of the AI model, thus optimizing the accuracy of quality control.

“With Blue Phosphor® we've completely stepped out of the Hardware + Software model to offer a universal software solution for almost all consumer goods production lines, whether large or small series. That's why an AI technology that consumes fewer resources and starts directly from the right part enables us to move faster, both in terms of implementation and production line evolution. We see ourselves as a catalyst for corporate well-being, by reducing waste through quality production, and reducing drudgery on production lines. In an era of massive reindustrialization, this is crucial..." concludes Anne-Sophie Madoire-Rouzaud, COO of AnotherBrain.

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