Successful use cases

Automate your quality control process in just one click

  • Automotive: center console

    Global renowned suppliers of parts, components, and systems for automotive manufacturers.
    Control a complex product: several surfaces, materials, types of control
    Ensure an optimal control for each inspection
    Tremendously reduce quality-related costs (ROI < six months)
    Prevent the returns of defective parts from clients
    Meet clients’ increasing quality demands
    Our solution
    Automate the quality control process of different use cases
    Increase control areas for a higher performance
    Reduce the number of operators and control training time
    Implement a standard control to wipe out defects
  • Automotive: motor parts

    Precision machine specialists and manufacturers of automotive parts.
    Guarantee and make the quality control process reliable
    Reduce the cost of quality control
    Quickly detect defects in the key areas
    Lower or avoid customers’ complaints
    Follow the results and continuous improvement in real-time
    Our solution
    Reduce operator rotations
    Perform an inspection cycle of 10s per part (even on the complex ones)
    100% of detection rate on surface defects
    Comprehensive quality report with defects location
  • Consumer goods: cooking pan

    World leader in small household appliances, from kitchen utensils to electric appliances.
    Defect small-scale defects on complex patterns, which are hard to see
    Analyze hundreds of parts, each with a different pattern
    Control easily and swiftly a new part category without external support
    Improve the work conditions of quality control officers
    Our solution
    Be the only industrial solution that can single-handedly detect all patterns and small sizes defects, even those never seen before
    Provide an independent use and configuration without expert
    Decrease the examination difficulties and related disturbances (fatigue, concentration, etc.)
  • Luxury: jewels

    French luxury Maison specialized in jewelry and goldsmith whose aestheticism and precision are vital.
    Have a solution flexible and adaptable to seasonal collections
    Have a solution that is easy to set up and use without the need for expertise
    Remove all the non-compliance standard elements
    Create models with few parts
    Our solution
    Manage the variability of parts and adapt to different use cases
    Manage independently the new model creation
    Easy to master without costly training or special qualification
    Able to 100% detect surface defects
    Create highly efficient models from only fifty units
  • Luxury: watches

    Leading luxury watchmaker concerned about the quality of its workings which are necessary for the proper functioning of its watches.
    Inspect parts with extremely small scales
    Relieve operators of eyestrain
    Manage the difference between scratches and texture variability of parts under binocular view
    Our solution
    Handle the inspection of small parts thanks to this accurate and flexible solution
    Automate the quality control process to disburden operators
    Separate defects from texture variability through intelligent algorithms



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