AnotherBrain at the Global Industrie exhibition

Join us on March 7th at the AI village for live demonstrations of PHOSPHOR® QUALITY, our AI-based vision quality control solution!
News tradeshow Global Industrie 2023 - AnotherBrain

Visit the AI Village, in the Smart area (digitalization, automation, mechatronic) to discover our algorithmic solution PHOSPHOR® QUALITY, embedded with Artificial Intelligence and able to detect all the defects of your products: stain, impurity, scratch, excess material, impact…

A flexible solution to :

  • Managing the complexity of defects detection
  • Increasing pace and reliability of your quality control
  • Relieving your operators by freeing them from repetitive tasks
  • Improving your productivity
  • Reduce your costs

So, come with your use cases, our teams will be delighted to assist you in all your quality control projects.

It's time to enter Industry 4.0!


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