France Innovation Plasturgie 2022

Meet our team at France Innovation Plasturgie - FIP booth M02Bis to discover PHOSPHOR® Quality, our vision quality control solution for Industry.

How about automating your Quality Control process?

Do you want to get started in quality control? Or give your quality operators a break from this repetitive mission?
Come and meet us at the FIP - France Innovation Plasturgie, from April 5 to 8, 2022, at Eurexpo Lyon!

Visit us on booth M02Bis, in the "Hall des Machines" for live demos of our PHOSPHOR® QUALITY solution, embedding Artificial Intelligence and able to detect all defects on your plastic components: bubble, lack of material, stain, impurity, impact...

A turnkey solution to:

  • Increase the reliability and speed of your quality control process
  • Improve your productivity
  • Manage the complexity of the defects to be detected
  • Relieve your operators from repetitive tasks
  • Reduce your costs

So come with your use cases, our teams will be happy to assist you in all your projects.

It's time to enter Industry 4.0!

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