AnotherBrain, a « France 2030 » plan-winner

Anotherbrain has received support from the French government, as part of the “France 2030” plan, to develop industrial applications for visual quality control using data-efficient artificial intelligence.
France 2030 plan - AnotherBrain

What's the « France 2030 » plan?

France 2030 is an investment plan launched by the government under the aegis of French President Emmanuel Macron for the France of tomorrow. 

With a budget of 54 billion euros, this plan is designed to boost France's industrial competitiveness, invest massively in innovative technologies and support the ecological transition. 
In this context, a call for expressions of interest (AMI) "Supporting the supply of solutions for the future industry", led by BPI France, has been launched.
It aims to identify the most promising French technologies for the transition to the industry of the future.

The aim is twofold:

  • structure and consolidate a French offering of ambitious, innovative  solutions for the future of industry
  • continue the digitalization drive underway in all regions of France.

Each of these areas will be allocated 400 million euros.

The purpose of this AMI is to position France in promising technological segments (artificial intelligence, 5G, blockchain, cloud, etc.), by supporting emerging players, start-ups, innovative SMEs and ETIs, in the development of solutions dedicated to new industrial uses.

AnotherBrain, winner of the " Future Industry" call for projects

The "Orbite" project, led by AnotherBrain, has been named winner of the France 2030 call for expressions of interest (AMI) "Supporting solutions for the industry of the future".

It aims to develop industrial applications for visual quality control using data-efficient artificial intelligence.

The project's aim is to address issues linked to reindustrialization, industrial productivity, and the reliability and automation of production controls.
With a first successful experience, AnotherBrain is developing a second software application for intelligent real-time detection of production defects.

Particularly well-suited to the detection of visual anomalies such as integrity checks, this second application, called Blue Phosphor®, can interface with any capture system, enabling it to address a very large number of use cases, even complex ones such as those in the luxury sector. 

The strength of our solution lies in the frugality of our patented AI algorithms: it needs very little data to operate, so it can detect never-before-seen defects with great accuracy.

Flexible and operating locally (without a cloud), it will be able to explain its decisions. This solution will enable manufacturing companies to automate their visual quality control and guide their operators towards higher value-added tasks

AnotherBrain's technologies for the future of indutry

Many industrial processes can now be optimized thanks to new technologies, starting with quality control. By automating their production lines, companies can gain greater autonomy and agility in visual defect detection operations. 

Reduced costs, shorter lead times, zero-defect production and improved working conditions for operators: these are just some of the benefits that can only be achieved through the adoption of AI-integrated technologies. 

AnotherBrain is committed to designing high-performance products that benefit both people and the environment, and intends to respond to major economic, social and environmental challenges: 

  • boost re-industrialization,
  • make companies more competitive,
  • make France a world leader in AI
  • reduce the catastrophic carbon impact of AI and industrial scrap and waste
  • promote explainable AI

Another vision of artificial intelligence is underway!

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