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Boost your quality control thanks to our AI expertise.

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Your concerns

  • Reduce non-quality export rate and customer returns
  • Increase the reliability and objectivity of your visual quality inspection
  • Optimise operational efficiency  
  • Manage defects detection complexity 
  • Relieve operators of repetitive tasks
  • Reduce your costs
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Our solution

Blue Phosphor® is a visual control quality management platform for factories and workshops that gives operational teams all the information they need to make real time decisions.

Powered by artificial intelligence, it is easy to use and adaptable to various acquisition systems. Our technology can detect any form of defect, regardless of size.

With Blue Phosphor®, you can bring artificial intelligence into your production processes, providing an innovative, efficient visual and aesthetical inspection experience and enabling you to transition to Industry 4.0.


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    Bénéfices Phosphor® Quality : solution sur-mesure - AnotherBrain

    Support from an expert team to adapt our patented AI algorithms to your specific industrial needs.

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    Bénéfices Phosphor® Quality : Mobile et flexible - AnotherBrain

    Automated AI control to ensure reliable detection of your defects and reproducibility over time.

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    Bénéfices Phosphor® Quality : sans défauthèque exhaustive - AnotherBrain

    Quickly set up our AI on a small sample of your use cases, without any exhaustive defect library needed.

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    Bénéfices Phosphor® Quality : pensée et orientée utilisateurs - AnotherBrain

    Quick implementation and training, even without technical expertise, for industrial environment seamless integration.

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    Bénéfices Phosphor® Quality : frugale en données - AnotherBrain

    50% of your operators' time reallocated to higher value-added tasks to boost your competitiveness.



Our applications


Application industrielle de prise de vue, permettant de capturer et d'inspecter des images


Capture: operators capture images throught the production camera and classify them as OK or KO, depending on their conformity. This creates a valuable database for training AI models.

Inspection: once the AI model is trained, this tab enables real-time part inspections to be carried out, providing an instant quality assessment based on previous learning.



Application industrielle de gestions de données


Data management: after Vision capture phase, Pilot enables managers to revalidate the database, ensuring correct OK/KO classifications, representative of your quality standards.

Threshold management: thanks to an intuitive interface, managers can adjust tolerance criteria of the AI model, optimizing the accuracy of quality control.


Use Cases

Optimise your quality control process with our advanced AI technology.

AnotherBrain offers an innovative solution to productivity challenges faced by manufacturers in the visual quality control field. Using artificial intelligence algorithms, our solution replicates an operator thinking ways, offering an intelligent approach to dealing with a large scope of defects on a variety of products..

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